Sunday, October 24, 2004

Christmas Letter From Broken Arrow

Dear US Soldier,

THANK YOU! With all of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!
Your friends, your family, and your Nation are forever
indebted to you.
Your commitment, your service, and your sacrifices are
the true example of honor -- and the hope of all
You, and your fellows, are the sword and the shield,
the strength that stands between us and the
degradations of war, between the people of peace and
the terror that strikes out from the darkness of
inhuman hate.
No greater love has mankind seen than this love you
have given us. As you stand in the valley of the
shadow of death, so that we may have hope of life in
freedom and peace, we return this love to you with all
the strength of our hearts and our souls. We pray
that the True God of Peace and Love will keep you and
protect you -- and bring you home safely to us.

When your days of fighting or over,
When your nights of terror are done,
Come home to us dear soldier,
Come home and live,
With us, in the land of the sun.

We who love you, salute you,
From Broken Arrow Oklahoma,
From all the USA.

--- wrote:

> Hey Steve,
> I have a request for you. The mother's from Caleb's
> military unit are
> sending boxes over to the troops for Christmas. The
> deadline to ship is November
> 13. Since you write so eloquently about soldiers, I
> was wandering if you would
> write something for us to send in the boxes.
> He's in the 2/24th Marines. There are only about 50
> guys from Broken Arrow,
> Oklahoma. The main unit is in Chicago, Illinois.
> If you don't have time, I understand.
> Love,
> Laura


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