Sunday, October 31, 2004

I Infidel

I Infidel, a simple and humble plebeian
A man of peace, of faith, hope, and love
Least among the poets of the living God
Even if I should stand alone, I Infidel
Spit with disgust in the face of all terrorists
You are unfit to be called human, who are
blood sucking vermin
You are worse than carrion eating jackals
or filthy scavenging dogs
May you choke in your own vomit of hate
May you rot on the dung heaps of Hades
May you fester in the sewers of Hell
May the stench of your carcasses draw the eagles together
And the odious vapor of your abomination rise up forever
an omen, a warning to all of your kind - terrorist
May your dead, demonic souls be forever savaged
by the demons of darkness from whence you came
Inhuman bastards... accursed by God and Man... terrorist!


Blogger Buddy said...

Good Poem. I will have to show Zach it. He would appreciate something of this nature.


8:48 AM  

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