Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nine, Eleven/Who Must We Blame?

September 2002

On September the eleventh of last year, beyond all reasonable doubt, the government of the United States of America failed to provide for the common defense. Our government miserably, completely, failed to protect the lives, and properties, of thousands of unsuspecting, helpless American citizens. The horrible images of that day's deplorable death and destruction will remain in the hearts, and souls, and minds of many Americans for many generations hence. And yes, we Americans must know who is responsible among us, directly or indirectly, for this grossest of failures in the government of We the People. We must know, so that we may, if humanly possible, prevent such a terrible, disgraceful, human tragedy from ever occurring again. Never again on our watch, America!
Ultimately, we Americans need look no further than the mirrors in our homes to find someone to bear the tremendous burden of blame for this tragic failure. The buck stops here, on the doorsteps of We the People.
In this democratic republic of representative government the ultimate authority, and responsibility, to govern rightly, and justly, must always rest squarely upon the shoulders of We the People. Regardless of whether or not we participate (or fail to participate) in the electoral process, We the People of America choose our government. If we exercise our right to vote, we have a voice in that choosing. If we do not, we allow others to choose for us; none the less, a choice is made. Over the past several decades we have obviously chosen poorly.
It has recently come to light that credible evidence of our enemies plans to high jack commercial airliners, and use them as weapons of mass destruction, was known to some individuals within various federal agencies as early as the summer of 1995. Although briefings were given, and the information was shared with key government officials in both the executive, and legislative branches of government, obviously, those entrusted, empowered, and charged with the duty of protecting this nation, and her peoples, miserably failed to take appropriate, effective action. Too little, too late is all that can be said of our governments anti-terrorist policies and initiatives before the tragedy of Nine, Eleven.
This damning information has been lost for months (years) within an inept, and failed, federal system - a system which We the People have created by electing, and reelecting, year after year, pseudo public servants; individuals of the body politic whose morals, and ethics, are nothing more than a matter of expedience; whose powers, and influence, are for sale to the highest bidders of selected interests - those who have the money to play their high-stakes games.
The information was lost within the administration of a former president who can best be described as a moral reprobate - one whose carnal lusts, and popular persona, was more important (at least to him) than the well being of his people and his nation. A president who We the People elected twice. The majority of us elected him by not voting. Democracy by default can lead to a deplorable state of existence; living among the dredging from the sewers of demagoguery - clintonism has proven that fact.
The information was lost among the august committees of the House, and the Senate; lost among the bickering, back-stabbing, salacious slandering, and deplorable political malice of our elected law makers -those neo-patriots who sang "God Bless America" in sacrificial mode (to calm their public) after the fact. Our venerable congress, who would save our government (themselves) at all cost, by taking refuge in their bomb proof shelters while policemen, firemen, military personnel, and private citizens charged into towering infernos of certain death, fought with terrorists on flights of doom, and otherwise, without hesitation, made heroic, Herculean efforts to save the lives of fellow human beings. No greater love has mortal man than to lay down his life for another.
The information was lost in the miscommunications of multiple federal agencies; lost among the shadowy realms of our government's paramilitaries, whose covert, and overt, failures are legendary; lost among the neo-federal politia whose intelligence gathering capabilities are (supposedly) second to none in the world - the FBI, the CIA, the INS, the SS, the BATF, the BP, etc., etc., etc.
The information was lost in the convoluted, and crippled, federal judiciary whose miss-aligned, "liberal" interpretations of constitutional law (under the guise of protecting civil liberties) actually hinders, and many times prevents, the arrest and deportation of foreign nationals and "illegals" who are known (or suspected) terrorists.
The information was lost, and the list of those to blame is enormous, but ultimately, rightly, the final blame, the true burden of responsibility must be borne upon the strong backs, and shoulders, of We the People. We have enabled this neo-federalism of monstrous unlimited government to fail us - We have elected the government that we deserve, the government of our choice is no better than we have demanded it to be. Our apathy, complacency, and mediocrity in the field of self-government has shed much innocent blood upon the precious soil of America.
There is now much more hallowed, consecrated, blood-washed ground in America; in New York, in Washington DC., in Pennsylvania. We can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, more than they; who have hallowed this ground by their ultimate sacrifices... But we can preserve and protect that which they have bought so dearly.
We must remember Nine, Eleven. We must remember and demand fundamental changes for the better in the government of We the People. We must demand a reformation of good, and limited, and logical government; a return to the foundations, and moral strengths, contained in the Constitution of the United States of America, its articles, and amendments. We cannot uphold, we cannot defend, we cannot protect that which we do not know! Remember Nine, Eleven - obtain a copy of the Constitution; read it, study it, strive to understand it, discuss it with others, teach it to your families, live by it... and for it... which is essential for the preservation of America.
Remember Nine, Eleven - call, or write, your congressmen and senators; tell them that we can not tolerate "business as usual", tell them that we expect them to lay aside all political malice, to refrain from indulging themselves in Machiavellian, personal, political interests. Tell them that we expect them to stand up, with good guts and gumption, and lead us (as they were elected to do) with moral integrity, with logical, rational, precepts, with real self-sacrifice of real public servants truly striving for the common good of our nation. Tell them that if they do not rise to the occasion of our real, and urgent, national need, that We the People will vote them out in November, and replace them with men, and women, who can get the job done! We are engaged in a struggle for our national survival, we cannot tolerate mediocrity... not in ourselves... most certainly not in our leadership.
Remember Nine, Eleven... Register to vote... Shoulder your civic Obligations, and Responsibilities... Practice your Rights, and Liberties... Swear again your oath to Uphold, Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against All Enemies. Foreign and Domestic!
Remember Nine, Eleven... Do not fail to go to the polls in November... Do not fail to vote with you God-given conscience, and your good common sense... Do not fail to protect the hallowed, and consecrated ground... Do not fail now, where we have failed in the past, in performing the duties of individual citizens in this government of the people, by the people, for the people... In the words of a far, far better man than we, one who We the People failed to protect, "LETS ROLL!"

We must remember Nine, Eleven
Most infamous day beneath God's heaven
When We the People failed to see
The rising terror of tyranny
Until its rage rained from the skies
Until our people lost their lives
Until destruction fell on our shore
And evil abominations shattered...
... our precious, golden door...
If there lives hope beneath God's heaven
We must remember... Nine, Eleven.


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