Sunday, November 28, 2004



When the seven thunders sounded
Their truths could not be written
Till that small sweet book was eaten
And it's prophecies were spoken
To the children of many nations
Many peoples, all human beings
The truth... God is salvation
Lord of light... King of kings
Now the seven golden candle sticks
Must preserve that perfect light
For the children who walk in darkness
They who stumble in darkest night
For seven times seventy, forgiveness my brother
For seven times eternity, perfect love, my Father

In the last year of the second millennium, in the fourth month, on the twenty second day of the month, in the fourth watch of the morning I dreamed a very troubling, and frightening dream.
I was asleep in my bed at home. I could see the clock on the night stand next to my bed, it's red digital numbers were flashing 3:00 AM. The power was off and it was very quiet, and dark, except for the faint glow of the clock face. Far off in the distance I heard the rumbling of thunder - once.
After a few minutes I heard the thunder again, a second rumbling -closer and louder. At regular intervals the thunder sounded, much closer and stronger, three, four, five, and six times it rumbled until it was very near the house - but there was no lightening.
The seventh time the thunder sounded it roared within the house, shaking the whole house upon it's foundation, the floors, walls and ceiling of the place trembled as if they would break apart. The crashing boom of the thunder reverberated throughout the house, and in every fiber of my being - I was very much afraid.
At the moment of that awful noise and shaking, I cried out "My God! My God, help me!"
But the sound of my voice was lost in the tremendous sound of the thunder.
When the thunder ceased, a deep silence fell upon the house and all I could hear was the pounding of my fearful heart. The silence lasted for about half an hour. Then something even more terrifying, and troubling, occurred; at that moment in time I was absolutely, completely, alone. I was at the bottom of a terrible abyss, the blackness of one hundred star-less, moon-less mid-nights weighed down upon my trembling soul. There was no light, there was no love, there was no hope, there was nothing, nothing at all.
Past caring, past feeling, past believing... my heart had turned to stone.
Was then that I sensed a tremendous evil, an evil beyond human comprehension, an evil beyond human logic or explanation, an evil so intense, and hideous, that it hated God, despised humanity and existed for one purpose only - the total degradation of all the goodness within God's Creation. That evil presence was out there in the absolute darkness of the deep, just beyond where I was, watching and waiting; and, in some way inexplicable, it was bleeding my life's spirit from me. As blood would seep from a mortal wound, the essence of my soul was draining away to an evil death ten times more terrible than any mortal demise - I was very near the horrific gates of Hell, upon the brink of eternal damnation and complete separation from the Love of God.
In my dream I opened my mouth to cry out, "No! This cannot be! This is not right! This must be a bad dream! I am still alive! I am not supposed to be here!" But the words would not come out of my mouth, I was so miserably weak and despondent that I could not even moan, much less speak or cry out.
The evil from the bottomless pit began to laugh. He was pleased that I was there, helpless and alone. He was happy that no one cared, that no one would save me, that God had not chosen me. Satan whispered, "God will save his people from their sin, Jacob he loved but Esau he hated, who God despises are truly damned... Forever!"
I was completely lost, hopelessly doomed. With the last ounce of strength left in my mortal being I feebly attempted to cry out... "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani!?"
Amazingly, the evil cringed, and receded a little ways from me. Once again he was waiting, watching, and now... listening.
Then I heard a voice, a still small voice clear and true, calling from a great distance. I recognized the voice immediately. It was a voice like the voice of my father, and my mother, like the voice of my sisters and my brother, like the voice of a friend and neighbor, like the voice of my wife and my children, like the voice of all humanity who still love the loveless, like the voice of all those who I had attempted to love, but failed... miserably.
It was a beautiful and sweat voice, familiar and intimate, like every kind and caring voice I had ever known. But it was so much more. It was a gloriously musical voice of Faith, Hope, and Love beyond human understanding. Although it seamed still, and small, and distant, it flashed across the distance of eternity with extreme power and astounding beauty It pierced the hateful darkness of the abyss with unquestionable authority, there was a harmonic symphony of brilliant light surrounding the voice, dispelling the blackness, echoing... "Holy! Holy! Holy!
The evil fled from the sound, and the presence, of that powerful, loving voice and crouched hatefully, obstinately (none the less, obediently) in the darkness beyond - waiting, watching... listening.
That loving voice had spoken one word in my frightful dream and I who was hopeless, helpless (and deserving of eternal death) a soul lost in revolting, abhorrent sin dared to hope again, to look tentatively, imploringly toward the light and life.
He had called my name. Not my given name, Stephen; No, he called me by a name from my childhood, a name spoken only by those very close to me, a name I had not been called in many, many years... He called me Stevie.
He spoke my name again, a second time, and the sound of his voice was calm and parental, a blessed assurance. He was very near, and I felt the deathly bleeding of my spiritual heart and soul stop immediately. I wanted to speak to him. I strained for strength to open my mouth and say, "I am not worthy to be called your son". But all that came from my lips was stammering. I groaned in my shame and nakedness, in the light of his blessed purity.
Then that evil from the abated darkness spoke accusingly, "Will the judge of all the earth do that which is not right; Will the Son of Man redeem one who is not named from before the foundation of the world?"
The Father of all Living answered, "Oh man of sin, can the dead beast and the prince of death instruct the living? Will the lord of lies and darkness contend with the Lord of Truth and Light? Will the creature give guidance, and teach the Creator?
Oh Lucifer, truly you are called, chief of fools! Where were you when I Am laid the foundations of all existence? When have you numbered the dust of the earth, the stars of the heavens, and the sands of the seas? Who has revealed to you the secretes of God? Who has shown you the names that are written in the Lamb's Book of Life? The Lamb who has defeated you and cast you down by the power of the Holy Spirit! The Lamb, who was slain, has slain you Satan, antichrist!
Oh angel of death, you know well that you are damned; you are sure in your inheritance of eternal damnation! The power of the Water and the Blood, spilt beside the plains of Armageddon, upon the hill of the skull, has bound you, and brought you low, to be trampled asunder by the righteous judgment of the Living God! The Son of Man, born of the woman, who you deceived, has brought this upon your head. By the seed of Adam, who you attempted to murder, and the power of the Spirit, who you tried to defame, you, Belial, are destroyed!
Go now! Dead deceiver! Old murderer! Go now and whisper your lies to the children of the damned. The children of God will not hear you! They who have inherited eternal life have no beginning, and no ending, as they are one with the everlasting Father, the eternal Son, and the immortal Holy Spirit. Just as you, old dragon, Satan, antichrist, are one with eternal death and outer darkness - without beginning, without ending, there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth and they shall bite their tongues in pain with you - oh father of lies."

I awoke from my dream. The lights in my home were on, the day was dawning, the sun was shining, and the hope of life has no ending...


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