Sunday, November 28, 2004

What Am I, Anyways To You?

Night Sonnets
October 4, 1997; St. Mary's, Georgia

What am I... anyways to you?

Can you fancy a heart that bleeding cries,
a lump of flesh... a piece of clay;

A soul that wants and needs and dies?

Was I anything more than a childish quest,
a toy soon hated and cast away?

How did your heart that night incline;

When I kissed your lips (sweet lips)
and felt it beating so close to mine?

(remember your shoe-less feet) I remember this;
your blue and lovely eyes,

Your breath... Your face... turned up to me,
when the rain ceased and the clouds,
parted to the starry skies.

What am I... nothing but a man,
who stood with you on an isle of sands,

And as the storm around us flew,

Reached out my soul and took your hands;

But in that sweet sad parting knew,

That night upon St Mary's shore,

you kissed me once... but never more.

October 29, 1997; Whitehouse, Florida.

Do You Ever Cry?

Do you ever cry when you see a sparrow die;
Hear a robin weep, or watch a baby sleep?
Can you feel the sunshine in that blue sky;
The rain in my sad heart, this road so steep?

Do you ever sing when you hear a church-bell ring,
And laughing dance in light of love's romance?
Can you see inside my heart the love I bring?
Would you, first love betrayed, give a second chance?

The old green hills, Ireland, still sings poet songs;
On Tara's heights still walk the kings of old,
And in this pledge of hearts they see no wrongs,
Thou life's sweet breath departs the things retold;

If love sadly, has fleeting moments of light,
Then love gladly, steals them of darkest night.


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