Sunday, December 19, 2004

The Rose of Sharon

Stephen Wayne
To my friend

And in those dark days of terror, my friend
When you shall see those messengers of death
Who come into the cities of the people to destroy
And into the city of Salem, that ancient city
that city of peace
Then you shall also see a sign from Heaven
That God will deliver you, and His people
He shall raise up one from among you
A man reviled by lesser men among his brethren
A man despised by many, in his own nation
and by many, in other nations
A man to lead you against the forces of evil
To stir you up... so that you will, prevail
For God has put it into his heart to do His will
Over against the river Jordan, north of Jericho
And south to Bethlehem, and beyond
He will make war with them, and show no mercy
to those who have shed innocent blood
He will reveal the cruel one, and break his power
out of hand
As a man would snap a dry and dead twig
So shall he break him, who is of Satan
He shall stand against the great principalities
and powers of the earth
He shall stand, he shall stand, and he will not fail
And all the world shall know, that God is...
is the Savior of all, and Israel
And God shall reconcile you to your brother
to Esau, to Edom, and Ishmael
I Am has spoken it... it is written... it is done...
And the wilderness shall bring forth abundant life
And the river of the waters of life shall forever flow
And the tree of life shall be planted
and shall not be moved
And the desert shall bloom with the rose...
the Rose of Sharon... Jehovah Shalom.

Dear Friend,
I wrote this poem a few years ago when Sharon won election and the conflict with Arafat, and his kind, intensified. It was just a gut feeling at the time, that he (Sharon) would weather the growing storm and lead his nation rightly. Recent events seem to indicate that my gut intuitions were correct. But I know that a man can do little or nothing without the blessing of Divine Providence… Therefore we must pray for Sharon and his people daily. The fate of Israel, and of the entire civilized world, remains intertwined with our own.
I have great hope for all humanity because I have read the ultimate end of the story... “"A small rock was hewn out of a mountain of stone with out hands; it smashed the feet of clay and iron; the image of the great beast fell; the gold and the silver and the brass and the iron and the clay became as dust and was scattered by the winds of Eternal God. Then the little rock became a great mountain which filled the whole earth with the peace and love of God that surpasses all human understanding.”"
As it is written... let it be done.

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