Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dear Mr Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley,
Right On!
Had you and Mr. Schlesinger been listening to a state of the union address by George Washington you may have had the ironic privilege of sipping on whiskey from the presidents own distillery. I am sure that the father of our country distilled good liquors that men of good taste could occasionally enjoy. He was successful in his capitalistic enterprises as well as his political leadership, but I am also sure that the na-sayers of his day decried that fact. Washington was not afraid to be unpopular -- he put down the whisky rebellion quickly and effectively. He endured the slings and arrows (groundless charges) of outrageous political opposition and stayed the course... doing that which he new was right... for the good of the nation. I have much confidence that George W. Bush will do the same. If he speaks from the heart, fearlessly addressing the true state of the union, honestly stating a course of logistical action to meet the growing needs of our national security, the people who gave him a mandate will fearlessly support him. I only hope that his speech writers are up to the challenge.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

My Old Confederate cousin

It has been a long time since a Hampton has occupied the mansion in Columbia. Wade Hampton was there in eighteen seventies. Well, he was elected in 76, but the federal troops of the reconstruction government did not allow him to move in until April 10th of 18777. I sure hope nothing like that happens when I am elected.

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Next Republican Governor South Carolina

Millionaire Philanthropist Entrepreneur Stephen
Wayne Hampton, Sr. Announced his candidacy
for governor on March 17, 2005, St. Patrick's
Day. The world did not shake, the sky did not fall,
and the waves on the east coast of the low
country are still lapping against the shore. Of
course, he only announced it to his family, who
said, quote "What!?" Most of the Hamptons do
not know it yet, most of the Jacksons do not know
it yet (he is a descendant of both families; son of
Edward E. Hampton and Netty May
Jackson-Hampton of St. Francis County,
Missouri), most of the Teamster Union Members
do not know it yet (he is a long-term Union
Member and Rep. in the Southern Conference of
Teamsters), most of the employees of the United
Parcel Service of America [UPS] do not know it
yet (he is a twenty-six-year veteran of that
company and was recently inducted into the
Circle of Honor for achieving 2.6 million miles
without a driver avoidable accident or breakdown
period), Mr. Jerry Richardson, owner of the
Carolina Panthers, does not know it yet (he is a
former employee and friend of Mr. Richardson,
and worked for him as a restaurant manager), Mr.
Jim Gardner, Co-Founder of Hardees Food
Systems and Florida Food Systems, does not
know it yet (he began his career in the restaurant
business working for Mr. Gardener as a Lot man,
clean-up man, in 1971, at Hardees on Lem
Turner Road in Jacksonville, Florida), and his
childhood school buddies and acquaintances do
not know it yet (people like Stephen Bloodworth,
Poolshark, and Linda Bloodworth-Thompson,
Producer of Designing Women or Rodger
Limbaugh, Rush's Little Brother). Indeed, the
Republican Party and the rest of the Nation do
not know it yet. However, the world will soon
know it, because Mr. Hampton intends to formally
announce his candidacy on the Rush Limbaugh
show -if Mr. Snerdly will stop hanging up on him
when he calls the show.