Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dear Mr Buckley

Dear Mr. Buckley,
Right On!
Had you and Mr. Schlesinger been listening to a state of the union address by George Washington you may have had the ironic privilege of sipping on whiskey from the presidents own distillery. I am sure that the father of our country distilled good liquors that men of good taste could occasionally enjoy. He was successful in his capitalistic enterprises as well as his political leadership, but I am also sure that the na-sayers of his day decried that fact. Washington was not afraid to be unpopular -- he put down the whisky rebellion quickly and effectively. He endured the slings and arrows (groundless charges) of outrageous political opposition and stayed the course... doing that which he new was right... for the good of the nation. I have much confidence that George W. Bush will do the same. If he speaks from the heart, fearlessly addressing the true state of the union, honestly stating a course of logistical action to meet the growing needs of our national security, the people who gave him a mandate will fearlessly support him. I only hope that his speech writers are up to the challenge.


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