Friday, May 06, 2005

About Proverbs 31

Dear Linda,
Proverbs 31 is a prophecy about Christ and his Bride,
who he redeemed from the seed of Adam (mankind)
without condemnation. God is not religious...He is
Righteous...that is why Christ told the religious
leaders of the past...."If you knew what this
means...I will have mercy and not
would not have condemned the guiltless....go and learn
what this means...I will have mercy and not
sacrifice." Sacrifices of mankind are religious
rituals that do not please God. His Son, Jesus the
Christ, has completed the only sacrifice acceptable to
the living God. None of humanity, male or female, can
fulfill the virtues of proverbs 31....until they are
made one with the Son who is one with the
the power of His Holy Spirit.
Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.
Tomorrow I leave for Carolina, to do all that God will
have me to do....pray for me....I am nothing but a
man...and a servant of the living God.... in all
Remember, it is not Christ, nor the Father, nor the
Spirit that condemns us...we live in the Ages of is us.. humanity that condemns ourselves,
and our neighbors....this is not pleasing to God who
has said...."For God sent not His Son into the world
to condemn the world...but that the world...through
Him might be saved.....those who are condemned are
condemned already.....and this is the nature of the
condemnation...that light has come into the
world...and Men love darkness rather than
light....because their deeds are evil." Also... "All
who love the light, and the truth, will come into the
light.... that their deeds my be manifested...that
they are the works of the living God."
vaya con dios dear lady, write to me again.
Go with God,


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