Monday, May 30, 2005

Retirment Funds.....Who does the Money Belong To?

Dear People,
All who represent them....
I retired from UPS on April the twenty ninth of this
year. After twenty six years and 2.6 million was time.
But Now I have a problem...and I suspect every tax
payer in the country has the same.
I have earned a good retirement......but....the plan
administrators...teamsters, UPS, and Government over
site committees think it belongs to them....everyone
wants to tell me how to use the money that I have
worked for ....Who does this retirement belong
to....if it belongs to union, company, and political
bosses....why don't you just say so.....why
lie......this is why hard working tax paying American
citizens like me are fed up with this convoluted
socialist system.
I have been voting republican for promise
to change all of this...but you never do.
If I had promised you, union and
government...that I would do something...and then
reneged would prosecute me to the fullest
extent of civil or criminal law.
It is time for you elected, and appointed people to
become public servants like our fore bares where.
All of this is one reason I am involved in restore what was once a free and just
system...socially, politically, and spiritually.
You have only begun to here from this public servant!
sincerely yours,
Stephen Wayne Hampton Sr.
PS..all of the above also applies to my 401K...who
does it belong all you "bosses"??">


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