Friday, June 24, 2005

Glass Pirates and Other Phenomeni

Hey girl,
Dad is great....and he don't need me to baby-sit or
nose around in his business.....He says.... and I
agree...and I think he is gonna stay around awhile

Glass pirates...look like regular pirates...but they
are not.....they can melt like glass... any time they
want...dissipate like water and reform as almost any
thing, anywhere, and at any time they choose. They
cannot be angels... This is very convenient for them
and exasperating to others.

The sole reason for the existence of Glass pirates (so
the legend goes) is to protect the Blue Pearl....a
very rare, one of a kind, beautiful, natural
pearl..still attached to its mother of pearl shell. I
have seen this for myself....and I know it to be true.

The Blue Pearl is a prize possession because it brings
all the blessings of creation to whoever posses it for
ten years. after ten years it becomes a terrible
curse....if you do not first give it some
one you love...some one who does not live with you.

You always receive the blue pearl from some one you
love...who does not live with you. When you receive
it you agree to certain rules. If you do not
agree...the person who brought it must take it
elsewhere...which is very dangerous for them to do...
You must keep it in a special place in your home where
everyone can see it. BUT,only for exactly ten years
from the minute, the hour, and the date that you
received it.
You do not hide, conceal, or otherwise try to protect
the blue pearl while it is in your possession. That is
the Job of the glass pirates. They have all kinds of
ways of protecting the pearl... and any one who tries
to steal it...while it is in your home for ten in for a very scary time...
You must never move the blue pearl from your
home....until you are ready to give it away to some
one you love who does not live with you. You must give
it away...before the ten years are up. Or be terribly
cursed the rest of you life.

When you decide to give the pearl must be
very smart and cautiuos....because when you take the
pearl out of your home....anyone can try to steal
it...and the glass pirates WILL try to steal it from
you...before you get it to its new home...YOU must not
let this happen! If you allow the blue pearl to be
stolen when you move will regret it for the
rest of your life....the glass pirates will make sure
of that.

I have told this tale many times to youngsters...with
different characters and plot...just fill in the
blanks with your imagination.....

One more thing about unseen intelligence....the human
"brain" is much more than just the gray matter in our is connected to a universe (billions) of
individual cells by our nervous system.....which uses
very low level, almost impreceptible, electromagnetic
pulses...and it is phenominally good at what it
does...(exist in reality)...within this universe of
self...(every individual human being) all of the
Q....all the information about us and all
existence....the problem is...95% of this Q...this inaccessible to us
other words....We do not have total conscious recall
of all that we know....amazingly all this information
in every human being contains all the Q...back to
Adam. The first Man and the Woman made from his own
Q. (flesh and blood) and if connected to God (master
designer) mentally, physically, and spiritually....all
things are known....We have degenerated...we have not
evolved....Adam did not need books, libraries, or
computers.....and.....if we were fully
connected....neither would we.....BUT....we (humanity)
have a long way to go....and many things to

Although we, and all existence, are vastly complex in
total the basic components of design, all
is beautifully
metaphysical, musical, poetry of all things...GOD!
Once again....the problem is that 95% of this
beautiful simplistic Q.... is not utilized at
all.....this is the curse that the ancient prophets
begin to write about....when we (humanity) degenerated
to such a state...that we needed written language.

as always,
your friend,


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