Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don Quixote de la Bryceville Florida tonto loco gringo!

Olga Eliza Matamoros Hampton,
On Saturday the sixteenth of July 2005 at 10:45 AM this will have been your name for one hundred and sixty-eight hours. Seven Days.
I know you believe you have married a Don Quixote de la Bryceville Florida tonto loco gringo!
Maybe you are right. BUT, I still want seven times seventy to the power of seven - days with you mi amor!!!! Which is a very long time - and a perfect number. This I pray to El Papa. I know he will hear and answer this prayer. How will he answer????
By His will alone; of this I have faith.
Your lover, friend, husband,
Stephen Wayne Hampton Sr.

Eliza mi amor,
God brought us together....of this I am sure....for how long? I do not know.... but I want forever....
If you are pleased to stay with me...and be my wife.... I will stay with you....and be your husband.... the best that I can be....if you must leave...I will let you go....but I will never stop loving you...and I will always be waiting for your return....and love you as if you had never gone....
I talked to El Papa about this when I first fell in love with you.... I made this commitment to Him....before we ever made love....(passionate amor most precious)....I told God that I will love you...Eliza....the way His Word says to love you....without exception....without condition....
This may be via dolorosa for me....But it does not matter....I have already made this oath...and I will be faithful in this until death.
But this oath that I have made does not in any way bind you....You, my love, in your heart, and your soul, and your mind must answer only to God for the promise that you have made....You are a free moral agent, and the seed of Adam..and of Eve..and the seed of the promise..Which is Joshua Christie..You have the Grace of God...and the love of your all things....always.


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