Wednesday, September 21, 2005

X- File Review

X-File Review
I have never cheated on, or jilted, a lover. That is a fact - no matter what they say! I want it this way. If the commitment (I always require one, either verbal or written, and binding) is broken, My conscience requires that I remain guiltless. So far I have been successful. You can trust me, I would not lie about something that important to myself.
Another conscience is clear as to the number of lovers (one at a time) in my life - A couple more than Abraham and nine hundred and ninety something less than Salomon - is not scandalous at all to the majority of reasonable people. Those who have had less are probably jealous and those who have had more probably sneer at my romantic ineptitude.
All of this I know is not conducive to the advancement of my political career - which is at the moment grounded. This reminds me: I am not now, nor do I plan in the near future, to seek any political office including the Governorship of South Carolina. This is my official statement of with drawl from all races politic. I reserve the right to change my mind at a latter date than today and promise I will not do so tomorrow.
Now back to what I was saying about X's.
Whenever I am dumped by a lover as I always am - Incidental, old lovers like me are a lot like bath water...always thrown out with or without the baby - but as I was saying, when I am dumped, I go through several weeks (sometimes months) of bitter-sweet denial refusing to accepted the loss of love in my life. I actually believe this is healthy, a time of healing and gradual release of intimate awareness of the X.
I do not stalk, or otherwise harass, my X's but I do continue to write about them and use them for inspiration in my attempts to express human emotions - hopefully in an artistic way. I hope they have all forgiven me for this and they can find comfort in the fact that eventually I will find a new subject for inspiration and contemplation.
Here is an example of what I am trying to communicate; a quick little poem. those who always jilt will mostly find it sappy, those who are always jilted are for more likely to appreciate the sentiment. All of you people know in which camp you lie! (lay).

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