Sunday, October 02, 2005

Logos Perpetualis Propagatus

I have sailed down the face of the eternal tide to the river Styx. I have sacrificed the blood of goats and bullocks to the insatiable prophetic ghosts. They have shown me everything... from before the beginning to beyond the ending. We were once a race of gods... children of the great creator... the great I AM. But now we are cursed with that which is called SIN... everything that is not Faith. Now we are blind and def and dumb, with stammering lips and weakened minds, we can not recall that which is still eternal. Logos Perpetualis Propagatus. What we now see is mostly illusion... What we can not see is reality... The human odyssey is eternal... Life and Death are states of existence... each and every individual human being has the God given right to choose Life or Death... We who have chosen Life, will forever face the perils therein... Ithaca is a realm beyond the portals of heaven. Even though the lesser, and demonic gods contend... Sail on my friend... sail on my friend.



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